Franklin Fire & Rescue The 37

The 1937 fire truck (pictured above) was purchased from W.S. Darley of Chicago on July 12, 1937 for $1,796.05. The open cab truck served Franklin until 1969 when Pi Kappa Fraternity bought it for $1,500.00. The fire truck then began a career of football games, frat parties and parades.

Max Houston, a member of the Franklin Fire Department, believed the truck belonged back at Franklin. He had kept up with its whereabouts, but after a time Max had lost the truck's location. He finally tracked it down in a grassy field in bits and pieces. He approached the frat members and they agreed to give it back in exchange for a replacement. The deal was done and the old truck was brought home in a dump truck and flat bed trailer.

Assistant Chief Wayne English and Houston contacted the Darley Company and were rewarded with photos and research information on the old truck. It took four years and thousands of volunteer hours by the members of the fire department to restore the truck. English estimated ten to twelve thousand dollars were raised by firefighters for the restoration.

The restored truck made its debut at the Gem Capital Auto antique show in June of 1994. It has won a number of awards from car shows since that debut. It is a proud symbol of the Franklin Fire Departments heritage and history.