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Place a Knox Box at your business or residence. This system helps Franklin Fire & Rescue gain rapid access to a structure without causing damage to the building or residence. Firefighters are then able to extinguish any fire or investigate fire alarm activation. Before this system the firefighter could only do a walk around of the building and wait up to 45 minutes or longer for a key holder to arrive and then unlock the building.

How does the Knox Box work? These security boxes are mounted to the buildings and the master keys or door access keys are placed in these boxes and locked by the department. Franklin Fire & Rescue has a Knox Box key placed in our first out apparatus and in our Chief and support vehicles.

If a business or residence changes a master key, you should call into the department and schedule a time for us to come out and unlock the box.

» Download Knox Box Overview (PDF) | » Download Knox Box Brochure (PDF Format)

If you would like to have a Knox Box at your business or residence, please come by Franklin Fire & Rescue at 49 Maple Street in Franklin, NC and see Chief Rohrer to fill out an application. For additional information contact us at (828) 524-2332.