About Franklin Fire & Rescue


Franklin Fire and Rescue is located in Franklin, North Carolina. The Department was formed in 1911 and has 32 highly trained, dedicated volunteer members and seven full time paid members. Franklin responds to just under 2000 calls a year. The department has eight trucks in house and has over 39 square miles of fire district.


Our mission is to save lives, prevent harm, and protect property – by providing a professional and compassionate team, that strives to exceed the expectations of our community and organization. This mission requires our members to act at all times with Courage, Honor, and Integrity, being focused on “Preserving the Past and Protecting the Future” of those we serve.


Franklin Fire Rescue will serve as the example for progressive, innovative, and dynamic emergency services, committed to excellence in all that we do.

  • We will strive to protect and enhance the lives of our citizens and visitors.
  • We will work collectively with our local and regional partners to improve emergency services.
  • We will continually strive for improvement, through employing industry best practices.
  • We will be a driving force for positive change within the community, leading by example, and with enthusiasm.


Honesty & Integrity – We understand the trust our citizens place in us is hard earned and easily lost. Our community is the reason for our existence, and we will honor that trust with all that we have.

Respect – Through empathy, consideration, and a willingness to help, we will be dedicated and patient with our community and each other.

Professionalism – We are committed to excellence, through a positive attitude and having pride in our work, while conforming to the highest standards of conduct.

Teamwork – Through individual commitment to a group effort, we produce exemplary results, valuing our members and their ingenuity.

Excellence – Realizing there is no such thing as perfection, we still strive for it daily, expecting excellence as a result. When duty calls, we must always be at our best!


What services does Franklin Fire and Rescue provide?
Franklin is an ISO class 3 fire dept in the city limits of Franklin and a class 4 in the rural district. FFR is also a NC Rescue Association lite rescue dept and a medical first responder dept as well.

How many calls does FFR have in a year?
FFR averages about 5.6 calls a day.

Will FFR come fill my swimming pool?
Filling swimming pools is not a service that FFR provides.

Can I get a fire extinguisher filled at FFR?
No, we do not provide that service.

Does FFR give tours of the station?
Yes we do. Franklin Fire & Rescue welcomes many groups to the station each year including Boy Scout troops, schools and church groups. Tours should be setup with Chief Ormond in advance by calling (828) 524-2332.

Can the fire station be rented out for birthday parties?
No, it can’t be rented.

Will FFR come check or change the batteries in my smoke detector?
Yes, if you are physically unable to check our change your smoke detector batteries, FFR will come check them for you.

How do I become a volunteer member of FFR?
Refer to our recruitment page under the members tab or click here to be redirected to that page.


Franklin Fire & Rescue Fee Schedule

The following fees are intended to recoup cost for the delivery of services in support of Special Events, Temporary Uses, and unique emergency situations (including but not limited to bomb threats, hazardous materials events, manhunts, and other unique calls for service). The specific mechanism and timing of fee recovery will be determined by the applicable department heads on a case-by-case basis.

Hydrant flow/press testing - per hydrant $75.00
Fire Department Deployment of Personnel, Apparatus & Equipment
Officer $35.00 / hour
Firefighter $30.00 / hour
Light Duty / Support Vehicle $20.00 / hour
Fire Engine / Tanker $150.00 / hour
Ladder Truck $200.00 / hour
Materials Used Actual Cost + 20%
Off Duty / Call Back Personnel Hourly rate x 2
NMU, TND, & MICR per commercial unit $75.00
False Alarms - Applied after 3 or more false alarms within a month
Residential $75.00
Business / Assembly $100.00
Educational / Industrial $150.00
Request for incident reports $5.00